Are you starting up a new business or do you want to bring your existing one to the next level, but not sure where to start or how to visualise it all? As a brand and campaign strategist I can assist you in defining and communicating your proposition and visualising your ideas.

To make your work a success we’ll work closely together to determine the core of your business and story. What is it  you really want to tell the world? What is the true core of your story?

My challenge is to translate your brand identity into a visual design that shows off your passion.

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Target audience, market and industry analyses
Brand strategy: brand positioning and brand development
Communication and marketing strategies
Social media strategy and content identity and guidelines

Content creation

I offer a total package of content creation, from copywriting to photography and graphic design.

Some of the things I can do for you:

Photography:  Social media content, Product images, Website images

Copywriting: Website content, Branding content, Social media content

Graphic Design: Logo & CI packages, Folder designs, Social media graphics (GIF’s and illustrations), Website design

I love to create and come up with new ideas, have an eye for detail and keep going until the both of us are totally satisfied with the result.

I work with Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and Animate and After Effects for (digital) creations. And love doing some offline chalkboard creations.

Have a look at some of my work


“I searched and I found”. I was looking for someone who could make an animation. Searched in the digital world and found her! How happy I am. Happy with the results, a stunning and carefully made animation. You can see from each image that there is love and attention for the profession. What immediately struck me about Bregtje, know as Bee, is her consistency. In everything she does and shows, the ‘original’ is present.

Besides the creativity, it is nice to work with Bee. She indicates what she is going to do and follows her agreements meticulously. With extra added service. What these are? Discover it yourself, give that compelling and challenging assignment to Bee!’ – Norbert Huijzer

‘Bregtje is any client’s dream: whatever you ask she will deliver, whenever you strech your demand she will do anything in her power do deliver, and more! Always patient when the creative flow gets rough. Plus her quality of service equals the quality of her products: in my case a wonderful site with great graphics.’ – Sonja Bollen