I am Bee-Original

My story

I’m Bregtje Cals, or better known as Bee. I am a freelance creative all-rounder and solo entrepreneur, based in Cape Town, South Africa. I specialize in animated video explainers, web-design and documentary style film and photography.

I love telling stories, be it in a hand drawn graphic animated style or a more life like documentary film/photography style. I’m passionate about creating beautifully drawn graphics and make them come alive in a playful and entertaining way,  helping brands, companies and organisations to get their vision or product message across to a wide public and raising awareness.

With my background as psychologist and anthropologist I’m able to help you create the most clear, effective and target-group oriented message, while maintaining your core values and personality.

I believe in fresh, unique and playful digital creations. I believe that by telling stories in an original way, we can inspire people, create awareness and trigger action.

I love working with others who are just as passionate about what they do as I am: start-ups, ‘green’ businesses, artists and non-profit organisations or any individual looking for an original way to tell their story.

One of my big dreams is to one day in the future being able to make my own documentaries telling the ‘untold stories’ that are out there in this world. Stories about ‘dying’ languages in Africa and the struggle of small communities in rough places on this planet.

What I do

My approach is hands on and my communication is direct. I believe that working together creates the most exciting results. Therefore I partner up with my clients to fully understand their vision, brand and identity and bring it to a higher level with a fresh unique digital creation. How I can tell your story:

My clients

Some of my clients I partnered with in the last months: