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Steampunk octopus animated

Steampunk octopus

How I got my inspiration for the steampunk octopus: years ago I did a ‘trial’ dive guided by a Turkish underwater guide in Izmir. We weren’t going very deep or far from shore, but we saw plenty of little fish. After swimming a while, the murky and greenish water turned a bit brighter and suddenly I saw this majestic octopus moving through the water. What a wonderful creature, so elegant and so strange..

The sea is the only embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence

– Jules Verne

To combine the movement of this natural creature with something so unnatural like machinery was my personal challenge. After browsing for ideas, I saw this image of a steampunk drawn octopus and decided to use the clock wheels I once designed for an explainer video to mimic the movement of the octopus.

See the result below 🙂



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