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Steampunk octopus animated

Steampunk octopus How I got my inspiration for the steampunk octopus: years ago I did a ‘trial’ dive guided by a Turkish underwater guide in Izmir. We weren’t going very deep or far from shore, but we saw plenty of little fish. After swimming a while, the murky and greenish water turned a bit brighter…

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Origami Animated, Bee-Original, Motion Graphics, Mographs

Bubbles, bubbles – Origami animated, part II

After making the first origami animated I got so many cool reactions, I decided to create another one a bit sooner than I planned 🙂 Browsing through all kinds of origami animals I found some really cool sea creatures to make. I had no idea you could make so many different animals with a simple…

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Designs for Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize

2017 started with a bang! To relief the overheated designers at Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize, I was asked to help out in the beginning of January. In a couple of days, I created an array of Social Media posts for a couple of S&S’s clients for the rest of the month. From newsletter headers created in…

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Origami animated – a personal project

Trying something new every day I once found this little origami instruction book in my aunts house in Haarlem. Curious and maybe out of boredom I started folding some paper. I got hooked to folding birds and flowers and loved the whole proces. Now 5 years later, I thought it could be a cool project to try…

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CocoPitz stop motion

All Natural Deodorant CocoPitz is a new venture I started on the side. While working for Lush, both in the Netherlands as well as here in South Africa, I learned a lot about the nasty things we use on our bodies. How some ingredients impact your body, health and hormones. But also how you can avoid all…

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