Animate your story

I create handcrafted video explainers and animated videos that will explain your brand and product or tell your story in a fun, quirky and appealing way. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all and that is why I want to get to know you and your story before I start drawing, so we can change the world together. Because I believe everyone has a story worth telling!

Get to know you

I believe that by working together we can create the most exciting result. Therefore when I start a new project I’d first like to get to know you. I also believe I should be your student to enable me to tell your story as close to who you are and directed to the right group of listeners. Let’s talk over coffee or Skype.


The foundation of a great video is a creative and engaging story. We’ll write a script that effectively communicates your message in an entertaining way while clearly translating your identity.


Once we’re all happy with the script, I develop a storyboard that will help you understand the concept of the video. If you have any preferences for colours, styles of illustrations, now is the time to let me know.


To make the video compelling to your audience, I’ll source a voice-over artist and record in a professional studio.


This is where the magic happens. All the elements come to together to bring your video to life.

Background Music & SFX

A great animation is accompanied by great music. I’ll find the perfect royalty free music to make your info-graphic shine and add sound effects to complete your video.


Your video is ready to go! I render your video in HD and deliver it in the format you prefer.

Why do you need an explainer video?

Attention, attention!

The average attention span of internet users is about 6,25 seconds. Shorter than a goldfish’s memory! With an animated video you’ll grab your audiences attention the first crucial seconds they visit your website to keep them focused on you!

Spotlights on you!

With an animated (explainer) video you highlight the awesomeness of your product, service, brand or other message you’re trying to bring across. Without having to read pages of text, your audience will understand what you’re all about within seconds.

And the winner is…

Needless to say that high quality animated videos appeal to your visitors and therefore also to search engines like Google and Bing. This gives you better rankings and therefore generates more traffic to your website!

The story of…

…and other motion graphics