Eat Up Kids

Eat up Kids is founded by Louise Johnson, a food lover and small entrepreneur in Cape Town. Louise’s passion is all about food, healthy, wholesome, nutritious food, locally grown and organic or free-range. As a mother of two, Louise believes health food produces healthy children. Therefore she decided to combine her food knowledge and her chef’s experience into her new venture: Eat Up Kids.

With Eat Up Kids Louise stimulates schools, parents and kids to eat more nutritious meals, by preparing all the school lunches fresh daily. Besides the healthy and wholesome lunches, Louise not only drops off food, but creates a new way of eating at school. Louise turns lunchtimes into lessons of etiquette and socialising, but all in a fun environment.

For her new website, Louise wanted to bring all the kids creativity, her belief in sustainability and wholesomeness and her background together.

Eat Up Kids
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