The story of Bufandy

For Inspiring Stories, a website hosted by Fashion Agent Goodbrandz in the Netherlands, I created several animated info-graphics. The short info-graphics promote the different sustainable and responsible brands that Goodbrandz sells. All video’s are in line with the style of Inspiring Stories, and at the same time uses the colour schemes of the different brands.

Bufandy is a young brand that gives local South American artisans a chance to bring their product to a bigger market, earning a fair salary and create a more sustainable and better life for their own family and the families around them. The talented artists make these beautiful products from sustainable Alpaca wool, creating an even better, softer and warmer product to be proud of.

The Story


We are Bufandy. We are the makers of these scarves made from Alpaca.

And thís is an alpaca. Isn’t he fluffy and cute?

Alpaca’s live high up in the South-American Andes. Up in these mountains the climate can be cold and harsh. And that is why they produce durable, hollow fibers, that retain tiny bags of air. This makes the fibers extremely light, warm and soft.

and thát is exactly why Alpaca is warmer than wool, and softer than silk

But wait, there is more!

Our scarves are not only made of materials that last, they are also proudly made by our partners, small South American family businesses using age old crafts.

Making our scarves timeless and authentic.

We want you to know who has made your scarf and we want you to be part of its journey.

So, pick your Bufandy today, and wear it with pride.

Scriptwriting, Illustrations, Animated explainer video
Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere Pro