Your story on film

You like the animated brand videos, but you rather go for a more documentary styled one (or a combination of the two) to explain your brand, how to use a product or service, to send out a teaser to the world or to raise awareness about an issue you or your group is campaigning for?

For Lush, Khula and others I’ve created several kinds of videos, like product videos, instruction videos, event videos and general promotion videos. From start to finish with a professional and fun approach to make everyone feel at ease at relaxed while filming.

If your project asks for professional recorded location sound and/or if you have a bigger project to film that needs some more serious production management, I can connect the dots and get some professionals together who have worked in the film industry in Cape Town for years.

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Corporate videos
Promotion videos
Event videos
Instruction videos
Product videos


LUSH – ‘How to use’ product videos (filming, edit, music)
LUSH – ‘How to knot-wrap’ videos (filming, edit, music)
KHULA – Kickstarter Campaign Videos (partly filmed, edit, voice over, music)
KIWAH –  Alternative Currency videos for youtube channel (filming, animation, edit, music)
KARIN DANS – Flamenco group performance video (filming, edit, music)

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