The story of LangerChen

LangerChen is one of these brands. Since 2009 they have been producing eco fashion in Shanghai. LangerChen is dedicated to eco friendly and certified organic practices, they care about our environment and their workers.

LangerChens’ intention is to make a difference in the world and the earth by creating green products and a business based on sustainability. All their unique organic fabrics are specially developed here using their own techniques.

The Story

So, what is the best jacket to wear in a country like the Netherlands?

Well, Naturally something that can protect you from the rain every now and then.

LangerChen coats are created by Mister Langer and Misses Chen – a joint German-Chinese venture, dedicated to organic practices.

LangerChen jackets combine the timeless simplicity of city fashion with the high functionality and comfort of outdoor wear.

They are made of 100% organic fibers and have an inner lining made from soft comfortable organic cotton. But our secret lies in between the inner and outer layer: a wafer thin breathable polyurethane membrane.

And this advanced layer not only makes it a breeze to brave the winds on your bike but also means you won’t get wet next time you’re caught in a rain shower!

LangerChen coats are made to wear in any situation.

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