The story of Khula

For Inspiring Stories, a website hosted by Fashion Agent Goodbrandz in the Netherlands, I created several animated info-graphics. The short info-graphics promote the different sustainable and responsible brands that Goodbrandz sells. All video’s are in line with the style of Inspiring Stories, and at the same time uses the colour schemes of the different brands.

Khula is one of these brands. A wearable art brand that gives a voice to young and unknown artists via an unconventional sustainable fashion platform.

The Story

So Khula is all about giving ART…. a voice.

The voice of young artists who give their visual opinion on our society and the politics in everyday life.

A critical voice, often not heard and only seen by just a few people around.

Khula recognises the importance of these voices and found a way to translate art into fashion.

High quality art prints on beautifully crafted bags with a leather frame. A piece of art on its own.

Every bag channels ideas, brings perspective and embodies change.

Fall in love with me and show me off to the world!

Nice to meet you. I am art.

Scriptwriting, Illustrations, Animated explainer video
Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere Pro