The story of MYOMY

For Inspiring Stories, a website hosted by Fashion Agent Goodbrandz in the Netherlands, I created several animated info-graphics. The short info-graphics promote the different sustainable and responsible brands that Goodbrandz sells. All video’s are in line with the style of Inspiring Stories, and at the same time uses the colour schemes of the different brands.

MYOMY is one of these brands. Their iconic leather bags are not only made from the most sustainably tanned leather out there (a process that took them almost 7 years to perfection) but also made by Indian artisans who are part of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Making MYOMY bags not only super iconic but also a great asset to your outfit.

The Story

What would the world look like if you could do good with great design?

Since the moment MYOMY was founded as the Dutch Fashion House for cutting edge design, new icons were born.

For MYOMY being iconic is a source of feeling AND doing good. It makes every person and product, unique, timeless and inspirational to others.

MYOMY collections of leather bags are made with a special design twist. From the famous My Paper bag to the classy Carry shopping bag – each item is turned into a unique and timeless piece, while honouring the original classics.

MYOMY products take special care of animals, people and planet;
Every bag is made of sustainably tanned leather to keep our nature clean,

and our fair-trade production allows MYOMY to contribute to a better live for Indian producers and their families by offering education, healthcare, freedom and equality.

and this is why each MYOMY bag matters for the maker, designer and user.

Dare to be iconic… One bag at a time!

Scriptwriting, Illustrations, Animated explainer video
Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere Pro