The story of Toolbox Genomics

Toolbox Genomics is a start-up health and lifestyle organisation, giving individuals personalised advice for health, dietary, lifestyle and other aspects based on their unique DNA.

To explain how Toolbox Genomics works, and how customers can get their personal health action plan, the team of Toolbox Genomics asked me to create a character based 2d motion animation video to explain their process from script to launch.

The video is made in After Effects, with illustrations drawn in Illustrator. The voice-over was done by Mallory Hoff.

The Story

Hannah hasn’t been feeling her best lately. She longs for solutions to her problems, but all the conflicting health information she hears has left her feeling even more tired and confused about what is best for her.

Introducing Toolbox Genomics!

We use your unique DNA to create a personalized Health Action Plan to help you eliminate the confusion and finally make the right choices for YOUR health.

Your plan includes specific nutrition, supplement, exercise, lifestyle, and further testing recommendations all specifically put together for your genes!

Getting your plan is easy.

You simply register online and within minutes your DNA kit is on its way. Follow the simple instructions and send your kit back.

Within a few weeks your personalized Health Action Plan will appear in your inbox and you’re ready to start making changes!

And Hannah? With her unique plan, she finally found out what works best for her and is feeling happier, healthier and full of energy again!

Oh, and the best thing? Once you’ve done a DNA test with us, there are many more products and reports that you can order now or in the future to go even deeper and learn more about yourself.

It’s that simple!

Toolbox Genomics
Animated Explainer Video
Illustrator, After effects