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CocoPitz stop motion

All Natural Deodorant

CocoPitz is a new venture I started on the side. While working for Lush, both in the Netherlands as well as here in South Africa, I learned a lot about the nasty things we use on our bodies. How some ingredients impact your body, health and hormones. But also how you can avoid all of these toxic ingredients and wash, moisturise, brush and scrub yourself with only natural ingredients.

So I started making some of my own cosmetic products a couple of years ago.

And I hit the jackpot! One of my products worked so well that I decided to share it with my friends. I started giving small batches away, every time I made a new batch for myself.  And after 2 years of handing out samples, some of the girls I dance with told me to get my act together and start selling it. And that’s how CocoPitz was born!

I’m only available online via Facebook at the moment, and still in process of sourcing all the necessary ingredients and materials to go big. But I could’t stop myself making a little stop motion just because I felt like it 🙂

If you’re in Cape Town and you want to try or buy, send me a message!




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